Build date: 28.07.2011

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The further development of both variants is proceeding in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. In order to keep the administrative effort for naming the improvements small but still maintain a complete overview of the novelties, a marking at the end of each novelty has been introduced:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

Filter dialog improved (F3 search) [+/L].
For data fields that allow only one character as input, the input field for the search term has been widened, since the display was a bit too small here.
Order number now 20 digits [+]
The alphanumeric order number has now been extended from 10 digits to 20 digits.
Electronic verification [+]
When canceling a running eANV transaction, a confirmation dialog now appears.
Enhancement with quotation management and selective pricing [+].
The module of orders has been extended with the module for offer management. Furthermore, there is now the possibility of selective pricing within the order management. The price is only applied to this order item. Further order-related pricing can be: Freight / transport credit or allowances (bonus).
Asset number in the order table was reintroduced [+].
In the pre-release versions and, the asset allocation within the order management has been eliminated. With version the asset allocation has been reintroduced.
Orders: Table extended and completely revised [+]
The presentation of the data and the filter criteria have been extensively revised or expanded due to the new functions for selective pricing. Along with this, the selection dialogs for customer-oriented data / construction sites / delivery locations have also been expanded to include the fields “Street”, “Postal code” and “City”. The vehicle assignment tab in the order is now also customizable. Each order is color-coded in the overview of orders – depending on its validity (standing order / delivery date / ..).
Quotations / orders now have a history [+].
Due to the possibility of pricing within the offers or orders, they now work with a unique counter. Each change causes a copy to be made as a new / current record, with the previous record being cancelled; similar to the corrections made to delivery documents. This structure means that only released orders are available for further processing. Released orders can no longer be processed. In addition to the status display in the respective order, this is shown by the display“Editing possible ” or“Editing not possible“.
Action scales can be defined for order items [+].
For each order item of an order, up to 9 actions with specific criteria can be defined via the new “Action scale” tab, which are reacted to when an order is selected via the weighing operation.
Print templates get their own properties pipeline [+/L] for easier customization.
New pipeline “PipelineProperties” containing all fields from the current print template record.
Print templates can now be set with print condition information for the user [+/L].
The new information “Print condition info” can be used to show the user a plausible text (optionally also the print condition itself) for the print template (the printout), which always comes into effect if the print condition is not fulfilled. Nothing could be done with the blanket statement “pressure condition prevents pressure”.
Vehicles now have a tare history [+/L].
As a result of the specifications of the calibration authorities, the new “tare history” tab was created, which – according to its name – historically logs every tare change of the master vehicle.
Vehicle presettings now plant-related [+/L].
Change the default values to the new table “FAHRZEUGVORB2ANLAGE” to realize different default values for each plant.
In price list only defined prices are displayed by default [+/L].
There is now a new filter setting “Contained only” in the price list. If this filter is active (default), then only the materials contained in the selected price list (with a price) will be displayed.
Status bar now also shows the second client name [+/L].
Now, in addition to MANDANTNAME1, MANDANTNAME2 is also displayed in the lower status bar of the master data.
Waste disposal certificates: Extension of filter options [+]
In the filters (F3 search) it is now also possible to search for the “waste producer name”.
Waste disposal certificates: Table form revised [+]
The “Last modified” and “Modified by” fields are now displayed in all tabs.
Invoice: Invoice date for single invoice now adjustable [+].
On the “Single invoice” tab, the “Creation date” and “Value date” fields can now be edited until the invoice is completed. This applies to individual invoices, collective invoices and credit notes.
Invoice: Single invoice or credit note without payer no longer works [+].
If a new single invoice or credit note was saved without specifying an invoice recipient, then an error message occurred when completing such a document. The problem has been solved by the mandatory entry of the invoice recipient.
Invoice: Deletion of delivery from temporary invoice now possible [+].
It is now possible to delete one (or more) delivery-related invoice items from a temporary invoice. This makes it possible to remove a specific delivery from an invoice to be created without having to run the invoice again with previous revision of the delivery document. The invoice status of this delivery will be reset so that the delivery thus removed from the temporary invoice will be available again for the next invoice run.
Invoice: Material price in temporary invoice can be changed [+].
Long longed for and now possible. Changing material prices within a temporary invoice is now possible. It is possible to decide whether only the price for the delivery item in focus should be changed or whether the price change should apply to all delivery items of the invoice with the identical material.
Invoice: Update of invoice amounts [+].
In certain situations, invoice amounts were not updated when an invoice item was deleted.
Invoice: Change of the “Fiscal year” selection [+]
In the “Fiscal year” filter, it is now only possible to select years for which invoices also exist.
Dunning: Revision within tab Payments [+]
Payments tab: If only one voucher/invoice number was entered (without entering a customer), the error message occurred. Fixed.
Analysis pattern no longer modifiable after document creation [+].
The values in the analysis pattern can now no longer be modified via “Weigh” if a document has already been completed.
Selection dialog for job site selection [+/L].
If there is more than one customer when selecting a construction site in the weighing pattern – without prior selection of a customer – a selection dialog is now displayed with which the customer can be clearly selected. If only one customer is available for selection, it is of course immediately entered into the customer record.
Double freight for split delivery items [+].
When automatically determining a freight position, a split position was calculated twice; fixed.
Selection dialog for waste disposal certificates now has “rights” [+].
In the Ctrl+F10 dialog, the same rights apply to the “New” and “Add” keys as to the main window.
Selection dialog for waste disposal certificates with BGS revised [+].
In the Ctrl+F10 dialog for disposal certificates, eBGS (consignment bills) could also be selected that were already assigned in the yard list / to an open document; fixed.
Price update not always clear (as display) [+/L].
When making changes in the price scroll, pricing was not always called in certain situations; fixed.
Filter for job selection revised [+]
The filters for selecting an order have been revised due to the new structure within the orders. In particular, only released orders are offered for selection. The color change for the orders corresponds to the representation in the master data orders.
Change in proof of disposal can be responded to again [+].
With the amendment of the Waste Management Act and the resulting restriction to only one Responsible Declaration, the validation on this field (VE_NR) was deactivated in the weighing. Now it is again possible to react to changes in the weighing at Responsible declaration(s).
Treatment of the extra quantity pcs. Revised in weighing [+/L]
When selecting a material with entry of extra quantity “pcs. (without recording weight) the message: “Invalid input value” appeared; fixed.
Support of the action scales of the selected order [+].
Before entering an order into the weighing pattern, the action scales defined in the order are now checked and applied.
Order selection with reference to waste disposal nacheis took a very long time [+].
Selection of orders with a reference to a disposal certificate takes a long time; fixed.
Entering vehicle code led to error message [+/L].
When entering a vehicle code, an error message occurred under certain situations and given data; fixed.
Gross amount is now in the delivery item [+/L].
The program-side calculation of the gross amount was reintroduced. Furthermore, the gross amount is no longer only displayed by the client, but also stored in new field.
Hand tare of the vehicle can be entered directly [+/L].
A new special parameter has been introduced for the vehicle tare to adjust the weighing pattern: “Enter hand tare possible”. This allows to enable the Manual tare field of the vehicle float for changing / entering the tare weight, so that the way via the “Manual entry” key – for entering / changing the tare in the weighing data float – can be bypassed. Immediate secondary weighing (recording of gross weight) is thus possible.
Support of print condition info from print templates [+/L].
A “print condition info” is now always displayed if the print condition is not met.
Update modification date and modification ID now also on print [+].
When printing, the “MODIFICATION_DATE” and “MODIFICATION_ID” data fields were not updated; fixed.
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