Build date: 22.11.2017

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The development of both variants runs in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. To distinguish the respective variant, a marking was introduced at the end of each novelty:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

Definition of field settings for dispo [+].
New entries within the Custablefields_ allow changes to be made to the functionality & display within WWDispo. For example, the naming of the keys can be changed, or free fields can be defined. It is also possible to disable the visibility of fields.
New fields for table Dispo_ [+]
For further parameterization/configuration, the dispo table has now also been provided with the free fields known from other tables. With transfer to the weighing operation, planned free fields can thus be transferred as counterparts in the delivery/delivery item.
New fields for table Customers_ [+/L].
  • Customer note
  • E-mail for invoice sending
  • Use e-mail for sending invoices
  • Text for email subject line
  • Text for email text
New field for table Delivery_ [+/L].
The DISPONR field has been added to the delivery table for the assignment of MRP operations. This is filled with the selected MRP number with “Move in” via MRP.
New UDF’s [+/L]
The New User Defined Functions (UDF) “FILE_EXISTS”, “FILE_EXEC” allow now per SQL the query for existing files and also the execution of executables/programs (always from the view of the database server).
Procedure ProAutoCheckAuftragAnlage revised [+].
Extension to take over “Other customer
Procedure PRODISPO_I & PROCEDURE PRODISPO_U revised [+].
Extension to include the new free fields or free apron
Procedure ProFARechnungAbschliessen revised [+].
Performance improvement.
Procedure ProIMPORTMaterial revised [+].
The treatment for the adoption of extra unit has been improved.
New fields within packing. [+/L]
The following fields have been added to the packing table: PRUEFDATUM, PRUEFINTERVALL, PRUEFTOLERANZ and FREIGABE_SW. Thus, functions for e.g. regular container checks can now also be solved in the standard system.
Display of material per client. [+/L]
New client parameter “Material view by client” allows to filter the view within the material master table to client or plant. This is based on the assignment of the material to the asset (material assignment within the asset data).
Extension of the invoice interval [+/L].
The selection option for the invoice interval has been extended to include “semi-annual” and “annual”.
Search function extended [+/L]
The use of question marks (?) within your search specification can be used as a substitute character (wildcard). An equal sign (=) causes the absolute search of your input.
Customer invoices by e-mail [+]
By specifying Invoice mail / Subject line / Text for e-mail, the invoice dispatch by e-mail can be automated in even more detail. The previous function via the contact Krzl. of the customer address will remain if the billing mail is not used.
Own note field per customer [+/L].
Additional information can now be added textually to each customer. With key combination “ALT+Enter” the current date is entered automatically.
Display of job site assignment extended [+/L].
The display of the assigned construction sites within the tabs of the same name in the customer master has been extended by the complete address of the construction sites. The double-click function for jumping directly to the job site is retained.
VESR import revised [+]
The transfer of posting data via VESR file had to be revised in order to interpret all posting items correctly.
Waste disposal records: Update of the subsequent tables [+]
After changing within the cover sheet, nothing was displayed in the fields of the attached tables (VE, DA, AE, BB), a manual update had to be done. This has been fixed with this.
Material/eDisposal certificate: AVV update [+].
If the material abbreviation or the AVV changes within a material, these changes are automatically applied to electronic waste disposal records that do not originate from the eANV portal.
Invoice: Display of “Freight eligible for discount” now correct again [+].
The display of “Freight discountable” within respective invoice was always displayed in “undefined” status.
Waste disposal certificates: Calling the library for printing now dynamic [+].
The library “IKP.DLL”, which is responsible for the form printout within the waste disposal certificates, is now only loaded when the module is called. The reason for the change was the required write permissions on (required for ikp.dll), which is not possible/allowed in every network environment.
Changed sort order for client/asset. [+]
The selection of Client/Asset in the field of the same name was only sorted by attachment. This has now been straightened around the client & plant.
Selection of packaging only with approval. [+/L]
With the new packaging release option, the selection can be controlled in the weighing dialog.
Deletion of delivery item now with query. [+]
The deletion of a delivery item must now be confirmed with an upstream query.
Search function extended [+/L]
The use of question marks (?) within your search specification can be used as a substitute character (wildcard). An equal sign (=) causes the absolute search of your input.
Display extended when searching within plaice [+/L].
With Enter and Open (arrow key down) within the first name for address-oriented clods (e.g. Customer), the abbreviation of the data record is now also displayed next to the subsequent line (address suffix). This facilitates the selection in case of identical address names by displaying the e.g. customer abbreviation.
Selection window for direct job site input revised [+/L].
In case of direct job site input – without previous customer selection – a selection dialog for relevant customers will be displayed, if the input is a job site abbreviation with the same name; i.e. it exists several times and therefore no customer can be assigned unambiguously.
Within this dialog you can now sort & filter.
Selection of waste disposal certificates now clearer [+].
When selecting a waste approval (Ctrl+F10), the filter on the fields customer abbreviation/producer and delivery location abbreviation/incident location no longer works via STARTING as before but the entry must match exactly. This change was necessary because now also non-hazardous AVV are increasingly processed via eANV (e.g. HBCD materials).
Email sending now also without authentication [+/L].
If SMTP username & password are not specified (empty), then authentication type is set to None (instead of Default).
All default statistics revised [+/L].
    • Change Arial font to SEGOE UI
    • Label tonnage changed to weight
    • Layout of the statistics header unified
Bank code & account removed from standard documents [+/L].
The footer has been revised: BLZ/KTO has been removed / BIC/IBAN printed in separate line (if available). Concerns the following reports: Pfister-document-A4.rtm / Pfister-delivery note-A4-SB.rtm / Pfister-cash-invoice-A4-SB.rtm / Pfister-invoice-A4.rtm / Pfister-offer.rtm / Pfister-order.rtm
Standard document for reminder revised [+].
Standard print template Pfister-Mahnung.rtm has been set to standard layout.
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