SnowWeigh - System Bernhard

“Transportable snow load scale”

  • Accurate and fast weight detection exactly where it is needed !
  • Fast and reliable determination of the actual snow load on a roof
  • Simple operation and handling
  • Usable everywhere
  • Increases safety
  • Helps prevent damage from excessive snow load
  • High reliability even under critical operating conditions
  • Undoubted proof through measurement protocol
  • Save time and money! No more unnecessary clearing of snow based on estimates. Only when the limit value is reached must it be cleared.

2x measured, then 1x snow clearing saved!


  • Measuring cylinder
  • Cut-off aid
  • Transportable, high-precision scale, type QHC
  • Calculator
  • Conversion table / data sheet (kg/m² or kN/m²)
  • Measurement protocol
  • Practical nylon carrying bag for measuring cylinder
  • Handy carrying case for bench scale, calculator, conversion table and measurement report

SnowWeigh is suitable for flat roofs and shallow pitched roofs (up to approx. 5° pitch).

For steeper roofs, weighing must be performed on a flat reference surface.

SnowWeigh Bernhar
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