Accessories / Extras

Self-service terminals

The handsfree telephones are designed for communication between the operator outside at the scale and the weighing office

  • Driver self-service terminals in Rittal cabinet
  • Intercom systems

Remote displays

  • Remote display DFA 45 LCD
  • Remote display DFA 75 - LED with / without traffic light (red/green)
  • Remote display DFA 100 - LED with / without traffic light (red/green)

Weighing app

for remote initiation of a weighing on the DWT800 and DD1050 weighing indicators and Winweigh Plus weighing software.

Radio remote control

For connection to the interface of the DWT 800 weighing indicator or to PC (for Winweigh Bio Plus software).

Traffic guidance systems

  • Traffic lights
  • Traffic light control
  • Barriers

Video surveillance

for remote monitoring of the correct vehicle position on the scale


  • Passive systems
  • Active systems

Card reader

Card reader for connection to Winweigh / Winweigh Plus weighing software

  • Legic reader Voxio with keyboard and display
  • Legic reader Admitto USB installation
  • Barcode card swipe reader


  • Dot matrix printer Tally 1125
  • ML3390eco dot matrix printer
  • Laser printer Kyocera ECOSYS P2135dn


  • Budget Workstation PC
  • Premium Workstation PC
  • Budget laptop

Profile rubber

  • For optimal sealing
  • To compensate for differences in height between the scale and the weighing bridge
  • Design for the drive over area