Weighing app

for remote triggering of a weighing on the weighing indicators DD1010 and DD1050

The Pfister weighing app for smartphones with Android™ operating system the cost-effective alternative to a

Radio remote control.

Scope of services

By simply selecting the weighing app in the smartphone and typing in the corresponding order code, the associated order is executed on the weighing indicator and an initial or second weighing is triggered.

The following characteristics can be assigned to each order (10-digit code):

Functions Weighing App Base:

  • Predetermined first weight
  • Car license plate
  • Commodity code
  • Customer code
  • Supplier code
  • Strike code
  • Carrier code

Additional Functions at Weighing App Comfort:

  • Display of the current weight (always as soon as in the WLAN range)
  • Balance Zeros
  • Tare balance (set tare and delete tare)

(for detailed description see sales info radio remote control for DD1010, DD1050)

Function sequence

  • Vehicle drives onto the scale, the current weight is shown on the remote display
  • The driver types in the complete order code via the number pad (see the following image on the right: Weighing app keypad on smartphone).
  • If a code is configured (driver ID stored on individual smartphone), the setting is shown in round brackets on the input field on the smartphone.
  • The driver enters his order code according to the defined characteristics: e.g. 01001 → Blow1, Vehicle1
  • After the code has been entered completely, the weighing is triggered by pressing the OK key.
  • The entered order code is briefly displayed on the remote display.
  • The status of weighing is visible on the remote display for an adjustable period of time as follows:
    • 1.0 for successful initial weighing
    • 2.0 for successful second weighing
    • 0.0 for faulty weighing
  • In the case of remote displays with integrated traffic lights, these also switch to “green” when weighing is successful.
for remote triggering of a weighing on the weighing indicators DD1010 and DD1050
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The cost-effective alternative to a radio remote control
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