Build date: 13.06.2018

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The development of both variants runs in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. To distinguish the respective variant, a marking was introduced at the end of each novelty:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

Conversion of the development environment [+/L]
For the renewal of the used ThirdParty components newer development environment was changed.
Licensing changed [+/L]
Database-oriented licensing has been replaced by computer-based licensing, with the possibility of specifying the maximum number of hosts.
New report designer [+/L]
Version 12.05 has been replaced by version 18.03. The TeeChart component for displaying diagrams etc. was also renewed. Functions such as creating QR code or PDF A/1 documents can now be created in the standard.
Search dialog improved [+/L]
In all relevant parts of the program, the QSD search dialog was revised: Within the input of search fields the Del key did not work. Fixed.
Conversion of the database to Firebird [+/L].
Along with the conversion to Delphi 2007, the database was also converted to Firebird version 3.0.3 64Bit.
Database connection renewal [+/L]
The component for connection to the database has been changed from version IBObjects 4.2.x to version 5.9.x.
New SQL dialect [+/L]
With the renewal of the database it was also decided to make the big step from SQL dialect 1 to SQL dialect 3.
New tables: KDSollection_, KDSollectionDetail, Budget_Groups_ [+].
These new tables serve for further possibility of customer groupings and their budgeting.
Revision of the procedure for creating invoices [+].
Small but important adjustment for correct allocation of delivery items according to positive and negative amount.
Revision of procedure to adjust billing value/discount within invoice item [+].
The calculation of the discount in combination with a changed billing value has now been extensively revised.
Revision of the invoice copy procedure [+].
If a single invoice was copied from a non-current fiscal year, the current fiscal year will now be used for the copy.
Revision of the procedure for creating transportation credits [+].
In a particular constellation, incorrect allocations for shipment credit documents occurred. Fixed.
Extension of the authorization [+/L]
The authorization has been extended by the keys FREI2, FREI3 and BELEGKOPIE.
Revision of the address clods [+/L].
The fields in the address clods were lined up vertically directly next to each other and the address clods were widened by approx. 10%.
New method for data exchange [+/L]
Within scripting there is now a new query object that can be used to access a database via ADO (ActiveX Data Objects).
Plaice revised for sample number [+]
The sample number of the delivery position could not be exited with the Enter key; only with Tab. Fixed
Database disconnect error during plant selection solved [+].
If no plant is preset for the weighing pattern used, the query for a plant is automatically made when an indicator is selected. If a disconnect to the database occurs during this selection (adjustable in the configuration file), an error message occurs. Fixed.
Changeover to new report designer [+/L]
Revision of all standard statistics:

  • for new report designer
  • Conversion to SQL dialect 3
Acquisition journal with new parameter [+/L].
  • extended by parameters for fixed definition for period
Changeover to new report designer [+/L]
Revision of all standard reports:

  • for new report designer
  • Conversion to SQL dialect 3
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