Forklift scale "PTE- LW


  • “Weighing while lifting” – the PTE-LW forklift scale records, registers and documents the weight of the goods already when picking up the pallet
  • Attachable to all fork mounts, according to FEM classification
  • It can also be used on forklifts with tipping, spreading, and shifting pickups as well as depalletizers.


  • Non calibrated
  • Extensive operating and storage options
  • Compact and extremely resistant structure
  • Can be used for forklifts with payloads up to 4000 kg

When calculating the total load capacity of the forklift, the tare weight of the forklift scale must be taken into account.

Easy handling

  • The EV 22 or D430 weighing terminal is mounted in the forklift truck so that it is clearly visible from the driver’s position (CE approval in accordance with EC Directive 90/384).


  • Thermal paper printer for immediate receipt generation in the driver’s cab
  • Radio connection with PC or terminal on ground station
  • Memory for permanent weights