Build date: 15.10.2021

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The development of both variants runs in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. To distinguish the respective variant, a marking was introduced at the end of each novelty:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

Revision of the print statements [+/L].
By updating the report designer, the uniqueness within the field data set has to be kept unique, which required an extensive modification of the established SQL statements.
Revision of standard procedures [+]
  • ProUebernehmenZusatz: Performance improvement
  • ProWB OrderAllocate: Consideration of new free fields
  • ProWBKopiereLS: Additional material not for document copy function
  • ProFAListFibuAccounts: Consideration of asset-oriented G/L accounts
  • ProFARechnungClose: Calculation tax of the minimum cash amount revised
  • ProFAErzeugenSammelrechnung: Extension by user / date document = service date
  • ProFACreateCollectiveInvoices: User extension
  • ProExportDATEVFormat: Consideration tax per validity date
  • TriNENAfterInsert1/TriNENAfterUpdate1/TriNVEAfterInsert1/TriNVEAfterUpdate1/TriNAEAfterInsert1/TriNAEAfterUpdate1: Entry in lookup table changed
0000089: Indicator assigned mail address within invoice table [+].
A new field “Email” within the invoice overview now shows the possible emails that would be used with mail dispatch. The origin of the mail address is also shown. (e.g.: plant / customer)
0000128: “Document number with ZERO” had no function [+/L].
The functionality is now back, which did not work since the conversion to SQL-Dialect3.
0000135: Filing folders can now be customized [+/L].
Customers/Orders: If within the configuration setting for the master data program the parameter “EnablePathes” is set to 1, with the new INI-parameters

  • “ClientPath” (clients) and
  • “OrderPath” (orders)

absolute paths can also be specified. Here, table fields are also allowed as placeholders, e.g. “C:\Temp\:MANDANTNR\:KUNNR” or “\localhost\:MANDANTNR\:ANLAGENNR\:ORDERNR”.

0000151: Printing behavior for invoices extensively revised [+].
A new system parameter “Display print condition window fact.” enables the use of the print condition with the invoice printout. In addition to this, invoices can now be printed sorted by columns. The client parameter “Block formation-with-invoice printing” is now effective only if the print preview is active in the print template used. In this context, the selection of multiple invoices has been changed to allow individual selection of invoice data.
0000154: Cash register number now at least 2 digits. [+/L]
If only one character was entered as name for the cash register number (TSE_.CLIENTID), the TSE initialization was successful; however, bookings resulted in errors, since the cash register number must contain at least 2 – 30 characters. For more information, see
0000155: User table extended [+/L].
Each user can now be assigned an “address” by specifying an address. In this context, the user table was extended by the usual free fields. Contacts can also be assigned to the assigned address of the user. If the contact abbreviation corresponds to the attachment, these contact data are used with assignment of the user (e.g. within order or invoice).
0000155: Allocation of user in order and invoice enabled [+].
In the orders and invoices it is now possible to select a stored user. When a user is selected during the creation of collective invoices in the Invoice module, the contact abbreviation of the user address corresponding to the asset to be invoiced is used for the contact data.
0000156: Addresses for vehicle/badge can be assigned multiple times again [+/L].
When selecting the address within the vehicle master (owner) or badge master (address), the address abbreviation that was selected is now also applied. No new address is generated when saving.
0000161: ECash registration with in booking process [+].
Some ECash devices require registration/login before possible booking. If there is an error message within the communication with the booking, the login is tried afterwards.
0000174: Evaluation of region settings improved [+/L].
If a “Regional Format” was set on the workstation computer under “Region Settings”, to which WinWeigh could not give a corresponding assignment, an error occurred when applying filtering (F3) and search dialog, because no known language key could be used. In such a case the character set “ISO8859_1” is now used for COLLATE. However, the collation can now also be changed via command line parameters, e.g. /GERMAN.
0000174: Control types: Activating the filter (F3 key) resulted in an error. [+/L]
With the addition of a validity date to the tax types, the filter function was not taken into account. Fixed with this.
0000181: Parameters could be deleted [+/L].
The system, client, asset parameters could be deleted/added if the system parameter “Tables groupable” was active. This is now no longer possible.
0000183: Error message “Service date must have a value” [+].
When processing an invoice item of the type “Delivery bill”, the message “Service date must have a value” was displayed incorrectly. In addition to the fix via the program code, with invoice creation the document date now also becomes the service date in the invoice item.
0000087: Script interface extension [+]
Three new functions have been added to the WinWeigh – Weighing own scripting:

  • “TransactTCP”
  • “SendTCP”
  • “AwaitTCPEvent”
  • “OnTCPEvent”
0000136: Emails also in automatic [+].
Sending e-mails in automatic mode is now also possible for the DRUCKWDH and LOAD telegrams.
0000141: Signature pad now in default [+/L].
The program scope required for the connection of Signaturpad (Signotec ® Sigma) is now part of the standard.
0000161: Selection of waste disposal certificate after order selection [+].
When selecting an order, not all disposal certificates were found in certain situations.
0000162: for freight only freight [+/L].
In the case of a freight item, direct entry also allowed a material number to be entered whose material type was not “freight”.
0000171: Inquiry cancellation for voucher copy of cash invoices [+/L].
When you use the Copy document function for a cash invoice, you will again be prompted to cancel the original document.
0000172: Shortcut for new clods implemented [+].
The shortcuts entered within the weighing pattern were not considered for all floes. For “USER”, “ENTSORGER”, “PROBENUMMER” and “POS_PROBENUMMER” this has been done now.
0000173: E-mails also for place of delivery/origin [+/L].
When sending emails, the delivery location was not taken into account. Fixt.
0000178: New function “Release for invoice”. [+]
Within the document table, a document could be “marked as settled”. With the new function “Release for Invoice” the “marking” can be undone. “Release for invoice” sets the invoice status back to 0. This is only possible if a document has invoice status 1, which is a “delivery bill” or “lump sum weighing” and is not already part of an invoice.
0000182: freight input no longer possible for material [+/L].
For “normal” delivery items, it was also possible to select materials whose material type was “freight”.
0000110: Performance of the statistics module “Quaestor5” improved [+/L].
With the use of dependencies between the selected parameters (e.g. customer / construction site) there was a “sluggish” behavior when selecting data, depending on the amount of data.
Pfister-Waegestatistik-Baustelle.rtm / Pfister-Waegestatistik.rtm [+/L]
  • Path specification for TextfileName on ($MyDocuments)\
Pfister-Waegestatistik.rtm [+/L]
  • 3Digits after the decimal point for weight values in [t].
New standard print templates [+/L]
  • Standard documents for EN-English & RO-Romanian
0000163: Pfister-Document-A4.rtm [+/L]
  • Users and signatures included
  • removed duplicate file extension for PDF.
  • Printing of the information on TSE revised
Invoice print templates [+]
  • Assignment of the country abbreviation now within the header
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