Build date: 11.05.2012

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The further development of both variants is proceeding in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. In order to keep the administrative effort for naming the improvements small but still maintain a complete overview of the novelties, a marking at the end of each novelty has been introduced:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

New system parameter “Rounding parameter bar” [+/L].
Allows rounding a gross amount to the value specified in the parameter in a cash calculation. The possibility of rounding when creating collective invoices remains possible on the “Rounding parameters” system parameter.
New system parameter “Show print condition window” [+/L].
With this parameter it is possible to deactivate the dialog of the print condition window, so that only the known comment “Print condition prevents printing” appears. The required confirmation of the newly introduced dialog led to effects that were not expected.
Generate consignment bill [+]
When creating a new consignment bill, it is now also possible to specify the license plate number of the trailer. The state for creating a new consignment bill can now be preset via the “WSDefaultState” ini parameter. (Example: WSDefaultState=I for Bavaria)
Performance improved for certain EDV [+/L].
The performance problem that occurred with certain EDP hardware (mainly graphics card) when scrolling database grids has been fixed.
DPI settings of the operating system are now considered without exception [+/L].
Within the tables for addresses / customers / material, the display has been adjusted in case of DPI settings not equal to 100% (setting of the font size from the Windows operating system).
Price Lists, PerCopyPrice List [+/L]
Consideration of the price change when copying a price list
New fields in delivery [+/L]
The deliveries have been extended with fields for saving signatures
New fields in delivery items [+/L]
The delivery items have been extended with fields for saving images at first and second weighing.
New field in contacts [+/L]
Contacts have been extended with the input of an Internet address.
New fields in customers/shippers [+/L].
The BIC and IBAN fields have been added for the extension of the bank details.
New fields in asset table [+/L].
For the definition of the bank details the fields BANK1, BLZ1, KONTONR1, BIC1, IBAN1, BANK2, BLZ2, KONTONR2, BIC2 and IBAN2 have been added. Furthermore: USTID, FA_STEUERNR, FA_NAME, HRB, GF1, GF2 and TEXTBST_RE.
New fields in invoice items [+]
New procedure ProWBEvent [+].
Triggers a database event.
New procedure PROWBKOPIEREBELEG() [+].
It allows copying a document as a court list entry. When you execute the operation, you are asked whether the original is to be cancelled.
This trigger is used to consider change of plant address in the waste disposal certificate to the portal-related waste disposal certificates.
Can cache information before the ProWBEvent event is triggered.
Waste disposal records eANV with “own disposer” [+].
Within the eEN module, the selection of the disposer no longer refers to the plant table, but to the master data defined as disposer in the customer master.
Orders / order items revised [+]
When copying an order, the new order number is now suggested based on the system parameter “AUTOKEY ORDER”. Canceled orders/quotations may not be corrected or released. Cancelled offers may not become an order. The filter “without cancellation” is now preset (default = active). Standing orders are now displayed in light green and orders without validity/delivery date in light red. When an order has been released, only the field for “Resubmission” can be edited. Order items: Now only those materials can be selected that are assigned to the creation of the order.
Year-end assistant [+/L]
Warning texts are now displayed in a darker yellow. On some TFT displays, the text was barely visible.
Table price list revised [+/L]
The “Only contained” switch is off by default. With this function it is possible to display the materials that have a price in the selected price list. If a price list item already exists, the corresponding “Insert record” button will be hidden. The material discount field can now only be edited if the material is also defined as discountable.
Table customers/forwarding agents [+/L].
In the “Search by address”, the field “Kd.Krzl.” is now displayed in second place.
Waste disposal records table [+]
When sorting by any column was enabled, the error: “Record cannot be edited” occurred when modifying a record. Fixed.
Invoice / Invoice items [+]
New field “FREIPOS_TEXT3”: Double-click on this new field to open a text editor where a free input or a created text module can be inserted.
Improvement in the assignment of automatic “numbers” [+/L].
Now only those master keys are used for the determination of the next autokey, which correspond exactly to the autokey scheme. That is, the length, prefixes and postfixes must match, and the positions specified with “#” must be numeric.
Selection of price list now also with search dialog and “reference button” [+/L].
Within the tables with a reference to the price list (customers/orders/suppliers/construction sites), the selection is now also possible via a search dialog (QSD). Furthermore, there is a button to jump to the selected price list. For better identification, the assignment has been extended within the price list table. Not only the abbreviations of the assignments are displayed anymore, but also the first name.
Take vehicle presettings into account Plant selection [+/L].
Usually, when a weighing pattern is set up, a plant is preset. If this is not the case (no system selected), a query for the system to be used is made when a vehicle is selected for which several system-oriented vehicle presettings exist or the vehicle is unknown.
New function document copy [+]
Using this new function, a copy of the selected document will be created as a farm list entry. The action prompts whether the document to be copied should be canceled.
Generate consignment bill now also in weighing [+].
A consignment bill can now be generated in the “Waste approval / Search consignment bill” window (Ctrl+F10). This is done in relation to the selected proof of disposal. The function is, of course, only applicable to portal-related waste disposal records. If a carrier is entered in the weighing pattern, the carrier number of this carrier is suggested. It is possible to specify trailer license plates.
unsigned BGS now also signable online [+]
The functionality of the eANV portal version3 was implemented. Depending on the configuration setting (INI), the conventional process or “online signing” (via portal) is available for signing.
Display of plant color corrected [+/L].
In case of undefined plant, the plant color of the last operation was kept. This is now fixed.
Order selection now with more discreet colors [+].
Depending on the validity and delivery date, the orders are displayed with a different color change. Standing orders are now displayed in light green, and orders without goodness/delivery date in light red.
Sorting of orders straightened [+]
Sorting is now by order number and then by asset number. By reintroducing the plant reference for orders, this has been overlooked.
Search dialog for vehicles extended by forwarder [+/L].
The search dialog (QSD) for vehicle selection now additionally shows the assigned forwarder if a client is specified in the weighing pattern.
Cashier dialog revised [+/L]
Cash invoices can now also be “overpaid”. The gross amount can now also be increased – depending on the system parameters (Manual correction cash amount*). However, the resulting difference (cash discount) is then negative.
Ecash extended [+/L]
Comprehensive control of Telecash terminals via Telecash’s own library cardterm32.dll. Data processing (cashier dialog, protocol) is taken into account.
New print template “Pfister-Beleg-A4.rtm” [+/L]
New standard print template for vouchers (delivery bill / cash invoice / weighing slip) for printing on blank DIN A4 format with one delivery item.
New print template “Pfister delivery note-A4-SB.rtm” [+]
New standard print template for delivery bill to be printed on blank DIN A4 format for multiple delivery items.
New print template “Pfister-Cash-Invoice-A4-SB.rtm” [+]
New standard cash invoice template for printing on blank DIN A4 format for multiple delivery items.
New print template “Pfister-Begleitschein-A4.rtm” [+]
New standard template for accompanying documents to be printed on blank DIN A4 format. The familiar form according to KrWG is mapped.
New print template “Pfister-Uebernahmeschein-A4.rtm” [+]
New standard print template for transfer bills for printing on blank DIN A4 format. The familiar form according to KrWG is displayed.
New print template “Pfister-Invoice-A4.rtm” [+]
New standard print template for invoices (collective invoice / single invoice / credit notes) for printing on blank DIN A4 format. The construction site grouping takes place. Within the construction site, the grouping is done by material.
Revision of print template “Pfister-Angebot.rtm” [+].
In addition to the standardization of the layout, material prices are displayed.
Revision of print template “Pfister-Auftrag.rtm” [+]
In addition to the standardization of the layout, material prices are displayed.

Color selection of fabric direction is taken into account [+/L].

In addition to the complete redesign with version, all standard statistics (Pfister*.qu5) have been revised with reference to fabric direction. The color change used in the statistics is the color assigned to the respective fabric direction in the system parameters.

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