WinWeigh Light Videos

Below are some links to video recordings that describe the operator guidance of the WinWeigh Light.
To run the corresponding video, simply click on the desired description or visit us on our Youtube – channel.

For optimal viewing, open the video player in full-screen mode.

Videos for master data

New creation customer

Operation to create a customer within the master data.

New installation vehicle

Operation to create a vehicle within the master data.

New installation construction site

Recording of customer-oriented construction site within the master data.

New plant material

Operation to create a material within the master data.

Capture prices

Process for creating price list / prices within the master data.

Videos for weighing program

First/second weighing

Sequence of document creation via first/second weighing

Second weighing with tare input

Sequence of document creation via second weighing with manual tare input

Use court list

Procedure for using open documents / yard list

Master data creation in weighing

Procedure for creating new master data within the weighing program

Container/packaging tare

Use of container/packaging tare for one weighing operation.

Videos for advanced functions

Reprint weighing document

Example of repeat printing of already entered documents.

Cash invoice / Cashier dialog

Flow of cash invoice process with handling cashier dialog.

Cancel weighing document

Procedure of cancellation of a weighing document.

Correct delivery bill

Procedure of correction of a weighing document as a delivery bill.

Correct cash invoice

Procedure of correction of a weighing document as a cash invoice.

Administrative tasks

"Stored tare" deactivated

Enable/disable the “Use stored tare” function.

Annual financial statements

Example about running the year-end closing wizard.

Assign authorization

Allocation of the authorization after a Windows10 © Creators Update

Change tax rate

Change of tax rate within WinWeigh Light/Plus master data

Use signature pad

Add/change user / signature for signature pad