Build date: 22.12.2016

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The development of both variants runs in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. To distinguish the respective variant, a marking was introduced at the end of each novelty:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

New WinWeigh module DISPO [+]
For the handling / scheduling of container provisioning, incl. Transfer with the weighing process. The call is made – under the condition of licensing – via program Weighing. Please refer to the manual for details.
New table DISPO_ [+/L]
Serves for the organization of scheduled operations by means of the new WinWeigh module Dispo.
New document identifier & lookup for “Disposition” [+]
For the organization of the document processes of the new WinWeigh module Dispo; such as printing of time tickets.
New Generator GenDispo [+/L]
This new generator is used for the automatic assignment of dispo numbers.
New procedures for WinWeigh module Dispo [+/L].
For container management / dispo, the new procedures PRODISPO_I, PRODISPO_U and ProDispo_D are now part of the WinWeigh database.
When an invoice is cancelled, the delivery items involved in this invoice are saved unchangeably via new trigger here.
New fields within packing table [+/L].
  • Date of the last test (without time)
  • Test interval in days (30=monthly, 90=quarterly, 360=annually)
  • Test tolerance in days
  • Release
Redistribute procedure revised [+]
When using multiple clients with identical customers, redistribution was not applied correctly. Fixed.
Redesign of all master data forms / tables [+/L].
The font has been completely changed to “Segoe UI”. Thus, the WinWeigh program parts appear comprehensively in a uniform design. Better scaling is achieved with new font.
Order: Filters better displayed [+/L].
The placement of filter settings (such as standing order, release, without cancellation …) in the top row of the order table have been changed for better display.
Invoice: Display billing value correctly [+]
The billing value is now displayed with 4 decimal places. Furthermore, the manual change of the billing value is now only possible for temporary invoices.
Invoice: Variety quantity with 4 decimal places [+].
For uniformity in the quantities from delivery item or manually entered invoice item, the variety quantity is now also displayed and processed with 4 decimal places.
Print templates can be activated for e-mail dispatch [+/L].
With this extension, multiple print templates for e-mailing can be selected / activated per document identifier. For example, when sending an invoice as an e-mail, it is now possible to activate another print template (e.g. for all documents from this invoice), which becomes part of the same e-mail.
Invoice: Print status now also shows e-mail dispatch [+].
The print status has been extended within the invoice table so that it can be seen whether printing has taken place or the invoice has been sent by mail. The change of the printing status will be made only for completed invoices.
Invoice: Redirect display of cancelled invoices to new table [+].
With the introduction of the table RECHNUNGSLPOSSTORNO_, the display of delivery items from canceled invoices has also been switched to this table.
Billing: Material price change / change billing value improved. [+]
With a DPI setting > 100% the input for material price or billing value was hidden
Invoice: Free fields 3-6 of the invoice items now customizable [+].
The new free fields introduced in the previous version can now be adjusted using the familiar field settings.
New units for extra quantity [+/L]
The time specifications for days, weeks, months can now be entered as extra units within the material master. For example, services can now be entered with the time units just named.
Copying vehicle now also incl. Vehicle preset [+/L]
When copying a vehicle, the presettings were not copied. These are now being taken into account.
Entries within completed document led to error [+/L].
If a change was made in the weighing pattern with completed documents within an unlocked free field or free postage using the backspace key, the weighing pattern could only be exited with “CTRL+F4” or “Exit”. All other actions resulted in the message “Data neither in edit nor input mode”. Fixed.
Selection within open documents improved [+/L].
Incremental sorting is now also supported within the open documents (yard list / collective documents / unsigned BGS). With the direct input within desired column the sorting takes place with the input. When you select Open documents again, the “Standard sorting” is activated again. To avoid unwanted sorting, this function has not been activated within the document list.
Maximum weight with new vehicle creation [+/L].
The maximum weight of a vehicle, which is also considered in the overload monitoring, can now also be specified with the new creation of a vehicle within the weighing pattern.
Additions now also editable with completed documents [+].
The above behavior can be set by a configuration setting.
Better support for script changes [+]
The situation-related switching of document identifiers via the possible scripting is now better interpreted by the client program. The color of the document identifier or also the visualization of price clods (depending on the parameterization)
New telegram operations for “DISPO” [+].
In manual mode, the communication with the new WinWeigh module Dispo takes place.

  • Printout of the control slip for the weighing mode (DISPODRUCK)
  • Entry of the fetched dispense data as delivery data in the weighing mode (INPUT “DISPO”)
New button “Dispo” to execute WinWeigh module “Dispo” [+].
With activated licensing of the Dispo module, the call via new button “Dispo” is available within the weighing mode.
Invoice info can now be parameterized again [+].
The parameter “DisplayInvoiceInfo” within Wiegen.INI now follows its task again. With deactivation (0), the Invoice info column is no longer taken into account within the document list.
Search criteria for transport/weighing now also user related [+].
The parameter SearchCriteriaTransportRefund from Weigh.ini is now also part of the user-related storage under “\Users\AppData\Local\Pfister\Weigh.settings”.
Revision of Pfister material year statistics.qu5 [+/L].
Material name1 and material name2 are now used from the master data material table, so that possible changes of the material name within document do not lead to confusion in the annual statistics.
Revision of Pfister storage location statistics_VD.qu5 [+]
The display of the parameters for material & storage location were mixed up; corrected.
New statistic Pfister freight share_VD.qu5 [+/L]
This statistic enables the evaluation of the freight share related to the individual / recorded materials. The grouping is made according to the direction of goods, type of delivery, freight material.
New statistics Pfister order list.qu5 [+/L]
Displays all jobs based on the parameterization. Canceled orders will not be considered. Sorting is done according to the direction of the goods. Permanently assigned badges and their vehicles are also displayed.
New print template Pfister-Stellschein-A4.rtm [+]
Used for printout of job ticket by means of new WinWeigh module Dispo.
Extension Pfister-Document-A4.rtm [+/L]
With e-mail dispatch, the document name is now automatically assigned according to the data, such as document number
Pfister reminder.rtm [+]
Update to current report designer
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