Build date: 19.02.2021

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The development of both variants runs in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. To distinguish the respective variant, a marking was introduced at the end of each novelty:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

0000082: Realization of the requirement according to the cash security regulation [+/L].
The Cash Register Security Ordinance – KassenSichV – is a regulation issued by the Ministry of Finance that prescribes new mandatory standards for preventing manipulation of cash registers. The Technical Security Equipment – TSE for short – required by the regulation is responsible for creating the signature and storing the journal. Each transaction relevant to cash accounting is thus provided with a certificate by TSE. The resulting information is to be presented on your cash receipts. WinWeigh uses a MicroSD card (with USB adapter) from cryptovision as TSE and fulfills the legal requirements according to DSFinV-K (digital interface of the tax authorities for cash register systems).
0000104: Set “Fiscal year” high at program start [+/L].
A new system parameter now allows automatic setting of the current fiscal year with year change.
0000106: Support of QR codes with higher data volume [+/L].
Larger QR codes (greater than level 10) are now supported. The limitation of the data volume intended for security purposes was thus removed.
0000113: Full-text search with wildcard “*” [+/L]
Within the full text search (QSD QuickSearchDialog – F4), an asterisk is now preassigned that now the search immediately finds “all contained data”. By removing this wildcard, the previous situation is easily achievable again.
Procedures for test pricing revised [+/L].
The existing procedures/per language due to the multi-language capability of WinWeigh have been unified to one procedure. The left picture refers to the system parameters within WinWeigh – master data and indicates the easy switching of the different languages (here French).
New table USERS_ [+/L]
To display the form within Master data –> System –> Customizing –> User or Weighing operation.
New table TSE_ [+/L]
To display the form within Master data –> Processing –> Cash registers –> TSE Services or Weighing operation.
Extension table KASSENPOS_ [+/L]
The implementation of the requirement for TSE necessitated the addition of TSE information to the cash items.
Extension table SUPPLY_ [+/L]
Inclusion of the assignment of the data from new table USERS_
New fields for notes [+/L]
concerns table Material_ / Site_ / Delivery locations_
Changing the procedure for posting the cash payment or cancellation [+/L].
Enhancement with TSE data or consideration of partial payments for payment type ECash & Cash. Procedure for cancellation had to be changed to include the call to the TSE for cancellation process.
Change of procedure for standardization of print templates [+/L].
Within the standard print templates (starting with “Pfister-“) now also the extra data receive an update.
Revision of the procedure for redistribution [+/L].
Due to the conversion to SQL-Dialect 3, the position data were interpreted incorrectly; now corrected here.
Revision of the procedure for language switching [+/L].
The language conversion previously led to errors, as the user did not have authorization to access system tables of the database. With the unification of the procedure for test pricing and the change of the language conversion for exceptions, a solution could now be found here. The procedure itself now executes SQL statement from “DB-Exceptions*.SQL”.
0000059: New input option “User” [+/L].
This finally closes a gap between the Windows authorization system and the application user. Information that cannot be provided to the operating system user can now be mapped within WinWeigh. Mainly this is signature / signature assigned by signature devices. The input options are already so distinctive that nothing stands in the way of a later extension with its own / parallel role / authorization concept within WinWeigh.
0000097: Adjustment field setting within material [+/L].
Material – asset allocation: The field settings (Custablefields) for displaying the allocated assets of a material are now taken into account.
0000111: Error when copying a control type fixed [+/L].
When copying, the new value for STANR was not taken over from the generator, so that the error message “duplicate data set” occurred with the copy function.
0000122: Number assignment for manual entries in cash register improved [+/L].
The assignment of the sequential number is now no longer determined on the basis of the previously highest POS no., but only when posting via the generator. A payment can now only be posted if an amount and all mandatory fields are specified.
0000114: additional note fields in the master data [+/L].
The tables for the master data of materials, construction sites and delivery locations have now also been given the option of entering notes, as is already known from the customer master. It is also possible to assign an information line with the current date using the ALT+ENTER keyboard input.
0000059: New selection option “User” [+/L].
The weighing pattern has been extended by the “User” floe. While this is not currently part of the weighing pattern for/from WinWeigh Light; it can be set when using signature pad or similar.
Pfister-Document-A4.rtm [+/L]
  • Implementation of the TSE specifications
Pfister-cash-bill-A4-SB.rtm [+]
  • Implementation of the TSE specifications
Pfister cash journal.rtm [+/L]
  • The cash journal has been extended to include the totaled information on the VAT used.
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