Build date: 27.07.2012

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The further development of both variants is proceeding in parallel. Improvements can affect only Winweigh Plus, only Winweigh Light, or both. In order to keep the administrative effort for naming the improvements small but still maintain a complete overview of the novelties, a marking at the end of each novelty has been introduced:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

Connection key to the database can only be changed “as administrator” [+/L].
The connectkeys may only be edited when the program is “running as administrator”. This affects the WinWeigh.exe, Weigh.exe and Reportdesigner.exe application. The background for this change is the way permissions are assigned within the registry, depending on the use of User Account Control (UAC).
The job site name was displayed incorrectly in the vehicle presettings [+/L].
The situation occurred when there were several sites with identically named abbreviations. The behavior was also fixed within the orders.
Invoice: After saving the column setting, the columns could not be sorted. [+]
With changing the column settings within the billing document, sorting per column was no longer possible.
Customers: Vehicle assignment with order number led to error [+/L].
If an order with more than 10 characters length was selected in the vehicle assignments of the customer/forwarder, an error message occurred.
Invoice: The material price in invoice items can now be changed. [+/L]
For invoice items of the material type, the material price is now displayed in the Invoice item table. edit changeable.
Orders: “Copy order” … no longer possible while processing an order. [+]
The buttons “Copy job”, etc. are now no longer active while editing a job. Due to the possibility of copying during editing, errors occurred within the textual data set (BLOB fields).
Orders: The (header/footer) texts are now changeable even after release. [+]
Even if an order is released, the header and footer text can now be changed subsequently; the order does not have to be corrected separately.
Vehicles: Detail view adapted for respective DPI setting [+/L].
The “Clear Saved Tare” button overlapped the “Saved Tare” field when the screen display was set to “Enlarged Text/Elements”.
The autokeys are now determined in the same way as in Winweigh. [+/L]
When creating new master data from the weighing pattern, the autokeys are now assigned as in the master data program.
In the search dialog for vehicles the selected plant is taken into account. [+/L]
In the QuickSearchDialog (QSD) for vehicles, nothing was displayed in certain situations.
Accompanying documents can now be signed with a double-click [+].
It was not possible to sign receipts (via double-click) when weighing was started as a client application. The background was that the API call ShellExecute found nothing. Online signing requires the activation of the functionality for online signing via the signature server of the eANV portal provider.
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