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Software products fromPfisterWaagen Bilanciai GmbHcan becustomized and updated to meet your specific needs. Even the decision to have your software programmed by our software professionals can significantly increase the availability of your weighing system.

The well thought-out operator guidance of our weighing programs ensures simple and safe handling on weighing indicators or PCs. The comprehensive configurability of the functions – also at the point of use – ensures the greatest possible flexibility in application.


The Windows application DiadeConnect is used for easy management of your weighing terminal of the Diade series from Pfister Waagen Bilanciai GmbH.

The statistical evaluation of your recorded weighing data / the computer-aided master data maintenance are to be mentioned here. Taking into account the respective program variant, DiadeConnect has the following range of functions:

Version Small - DiadeConnect S
Medium version - DiadeConnect M
Version Large - DiadeConnect L


A verifiable / certified software that enables you to control all Pfister weighing technology in verifiable form via the Ethernet network; this is the VWP100 Virtual Weighing Processor.

The VWP can also be configured as CLIENT. Thus, on another PC the display of the weight indications from the weighing terminals configured at the "VWP-SERVER" is possible.

Applications, which carry out a communication with the VWP100 - as for example weighing data management systems, dispatch automations, control systems or similar. - thus receive the VWP weight displays "on the screen" locally calibratable at their execution location.

The communication of the weighing terminal(s) with the VWP is mainly serial. The VWP is usually activated automatically by including it into the "Autostart" of the Windows operating system. Alternatively, it can also be started manually.


WinWeigh Light - this is the weighing data management system for the practitioner. With its very extensive standard functionalities, it is ideally equipped for your task.

WinWeigh Light participates from the project-oriented solutions of its big brother WinWeigh Plus; all innovations / enhancements / features in the Standard range also benefit WinWeigh Light. However, if the scope does not meet the requirements, no problem, the upgrade to WinWeigh Plus is possible at any time.


With the "Winweigh Plus" system, Pfister Waagen Bilanciai GmbH has developed a software generation that takes the management of your weighing data to a new level. Configurable weighing patterns, function keys and quick search displays help the operator to fill in the weighing mask within the shortest possible time, thus keeping waiting times for vehicles on the weighbridge to a minimum.

Weighing data management system - WinWeigh Plus. The modularly designed software that adapts to your operations, not the other way around. Due to the extensive configuration options, almost any of your tasks can be achieved without mutating into a special application. Your investment security is guaranteed.

The requirements of the market with experience from installations in the order of a four-digit number can be seen in the new versions.

"A strong duo" eANV and Winweigh Plus


for remote triggering of a weighing on the weighing indicators DD1010 and DD1050

The Pfister weighing app for smartphones with Android™ operating system the cost-effective alternative to a wireless remote control.

Always up to date with our software maintenance contract!

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