Build Date: 08/14/2019

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The development of both variants runs in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. To distinguish the respective variant, a marking was introduced at the end of each novelty:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

New Report Designer [+/L]
Version 18.03 has been replaced by version 19.04. Special feature is the possibility of PDF/A standard including ZUGFeRD method. The Report Designer can now perform printing functions by itself using command line parameters.
Performance improved with new grid [+/L]
If the system parameter “Tables groupable” is active and the table is sorted by a column, the sorting will be cancelled again as soon as the data set is edited, in order to avoid long waiting times due to re-reading the data. In addition, the behavior after a refresh was improved; it happened that the previously selected data set was no longer selected.
New field LASTUSE in customers & vehicles [+/L].
The above field has been added to the customer and vehicle table. The date of the last use within the weighing operation is stored here. On the basis of this date, the timeliness of the data can be interpreted for e.g. the requirement of “forgetting” from DSGVO.
New free fields [+]
New procedures for selection of transport/remuneration [+].
The amount of data previously obtained by the client is now procedural (ProWBErmittleTB / ProWBErmittleVB). The project-oriented intervention is hereby enabled.
“Key Field not found” within table Print Templates [+/L].
When the system parameter “Tables groupable” was active, the error message “Key Field not found” occurred within the table STAMMDATEN –> Customising –> Print templates when sorting by a column; fixed.
ID cards: Address selection for owner enabled again [+].
A customer was using one address for multiple badges as owner before update to version Since each data set now receives its own address, it was no longer sufficient to change the address “for all” once. Therefore, the selection of the address from address table was enabled again.
Proof of disposal: Do not offer archived customers [+].
Within module Waste disposal record –> Cover sheet EN: The selection of producer from customer master no longer applies to Archived customer data.
Proof of disposal: Selection of disposal facility under AE-S1: Pkt. 2.3 faulty [+]
Using the QSD search dialog for selecting the disposal facility with using filtering resulted in selecting only the first record; fixed.
Proof of disposal: error in carrier selection [+].
When creating a VS type proof (simplified collective proof), an error message occurred when selecting a carrier via the QSD search dialog under tab VE-S1; fixed.
Material: New creation led to error [+/L].
WinWeigh also creates the entry within the translation table with New creation / Update. With deletion of the actual material, the entry remains, because there could be several country codes. If the material has been processed with identical Materialkrzl. was created again, the error “violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint “CONMATRPRIMARYKEY” on table “MATERIAL_TR_” occurred; fixed.
last entry for customer / vehicle [+/L]
With document creation, the current date for the recorded customer or vehicle is entered and displayed, so that the topicality of the master data is recognizable. The entry for customers does not take place in the standard with a replication!
Address to customer/construction site/delivery location selectable again [+/L].
Address selection from address table is provided again.
eDisposal proof: eEN: Error in full text search fixed [+].
The error “Column unknown M.SORNA2” when using full text search within eNACHWEIS table eEANV has been fixed.
Logged in users [+/L]
The info field (? – Info-Info) has been extended to include active database connections in the form of a small table. The host name, the user, the process are displayed.
Invoice: Double-click to go to the customer [+].
Double-click on the Krzl. of the invoice recipient within the single invoice overview leads to the call of the corresponding customer record.
Display assigned customer collection in customer master [+].
The assigned customer collection / per customer is displayed via a separate tab. Double-click to go to the customer collection. The display is only present when the module is activated.
Message/information when archiving extended by customer [+/L].
When a customer is archived, the possible references of this data record are checked. Proofs in which the customer appears as the producer in the cover sheet are now displayed by name.
New free fields [+/L]
Additional free fields for table DELIVERY_ / DELIVERY_ / DISPO_ / ORDER_ / ORDER_ with selection in Custablefields (field settings).
Customer collection: TARGET/ACTUAL swapped [+].
The fields in the Customer Collection module (Budget_Group_QUANTITY & SALES), as well as the display of the customers’ budget values were swapped in Form; corrected.
Customer collection: Do not offer archived customers [+]
In the table of assigned customers of a collection also already archived customers were displayed. Fixed.
Offer/Order: Sort Error [+]
If with active system parameter “Tables groupable” the table was sorted by a column, an error occurred after “Correct order”. Fixed.
Offer/Order: Status information [+]
When the offer or order confirmation is printed or sent by e-mail, the status information for “Printed” or “Sent” is activated.
Reminders: Error message when sorting [+]
Sorting by a table column resulted in an error. Fixed.
Invoice: Move invoice item [+].
An invoice position can now be moved to any position within the temporary invoice. To do this, the position is marked and then pasted to the new selected position.
Customers: New message when changing the customer Krzl. [+/L]
When changing the customer abbreviation, the question now comes up: “Do you really want to change the master key of this record”? Due to an unintentional change of the customer code by the user, incorrect relationships occurred within the evaluation or billing.
Online help revised [+/L]
The links for context-sensitive help within the master data have been extensively revised. The references/links to further help files (CHM) were adjusted, because sometimes deadlinks occurred.
Query of expiration date for waste disposal certificates revised [+].
The NW_EANV_.VE_LAUFZEIT_BISDATUM field was used to evaluate the expiration date when a waste approval was called. However, this is not the correct field from the point of view of the eANVportal. Correct is NW_EANV_.AE_AZ_BISDATUM. This stands for the declaration of acceptance. “Non-hazardous” / normal disposal certificates have this expiration date in the NACHWEIS_EN_.EN_ABLAUFDATUM field. Although there is a counterpart with AE_ABLAUFDATUM, this cannot be taken into account because an acceptance declaration is not/will not always be created for normal waste disposal records. Thus, there is the following agreement:
portal-oriented evidence: – NW_EANV_.AE_AZ_BISDATUM
normal evidence: – NW_EANV_.VE_ROUND_TIME_DATE (as usual)
Filter in document list extended by open documents (without reversal) [+/L].
The filter for invoice status within the document table has been extended by further filtering “open without cancelled”. Documents are displayed which are not part of an invoice and are not cancelled.
Generate UNS transfer bill [+/L].
With the change of the communication to the eANV portal, the overdue extension has now been standardized. When a collective proof is selected, the generation of a transfer bill is offered. UNS are displayed in yard list under “Unsigned BGS/UNS”.
Column sorting in yard list is saved again [+/L].
Up to version the column sorting was applied as well. This was no longer the case with version 7.x; solved.
Logged in users [+/L]
The info field (Configuration-Info-Info) has been extended to include active database connections in the form of a small table. The host name, the user, the process are displayed.
Display of client/plant within Transport/Compensation tab revised [+/L].
Duplicate client/plant entries occurred under the Transport/Compensation: tab when changing the display; fixed.
New free fields [+/L]
Additional free fields for table SUPPLY_ / SUPPLYPOS_ / DISPO_ / ORDER_ / ORDERPOS_ with selection in weighing pattern….
Transfer of material analysis data now in standard [+].
The transfer of material analysis data for delivery item analysis, which was previously realized by scripting, is now taken over by the client program. The main reason for this step was the recurring problem of assigning delivery item analyses to a delivery item that had not yet been saved.
New report designer
Revision of all standard statistics to new report designer
New report designer
Revision of all standard reports to the new report designer and minor adjustments to the layout.
Print credit memo related invoice [+/L].
On the credit note, invoice no. and invoice date of the invoice to which the credit note relates.
ZUGFeRD method implemented [+]
In relevant invoice print templates, the functionality for creating invoices as PDF/A3 with ZUGFerD function was implemented. ZUGFeRD (acronym for Central User Guide of the Electronic Invoice Forum Germany) is a specification for the electronic invoice format of the same name. The format was developed by the Electronic Invoice Forum Germany in cooperation with associations, ministries and companies. Version 2.0 of the specification was released on March 11, 2019. The ZUGFeRD format is made freely available to both companies and public administration in accordance with the Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (FeRD) and is offered on fair, appropriate and non-discriminatory terms.
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