Compact modular weighbridge in reinforced concrete design.

The versatile modular system for self-assembly!

Steel bridge frame as permanent formwork to accommodate the reinforcement on site and for the concrete filling

  • for installation above ground on concrete support strips with drive-on ramps
  • for installation underfloor with on-site in-situ concrete foundation Option: with precast concrete foundation
  • Calibratable according to PTB, accuracy class III
  • Compression load cells according to CE guidelines as well as OIML recommendations
  • Easy transport
  • Ideal for export: optional delivery of completely calibrated measuring chain (load cells and weighing indicator)
  • Particularly suitable for operation in chemically aggressive environments or under harsh climatic conditions.

Easily transportable modules

The longitudinal and end faces of the steel bridge frame are manufactured as individual parts

supplied. This means that the entire weighbridge, up to the largest bridge size of 21 m in length, can be transported particularly cost-effectively on just one standard truck train. Optionally, the longitudinal parts of the scale bridge can also be manufactured on site according to our plans.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Easy maintenance and cleaning access by removing the transverse cover plates. The lifting of the MSBW steel bridge modules load cells poured with concrete are conveniently accessible from above.

Technical data

          Standard bridge sizes (LxW)                  Weighing range            Load capacity     
5 x 3 m  15.000 kg 20.000 kg
6 x 3 m  15.000 kg 20.000 kg
8 x 3 m 40.000 kg 50.000 kg
10,9 x 3 m 40.000 kg 50.000 kg
12,2 x 3 m 50.000 kg 60.000 kg
14 x 3 m  60.000 kg 60.000 kg
15,9 x 3 m 60.000 kg 80.000 kg
18 x 3 m 60.000 kg 80.000 kg
19,6 x 3 m 60.000 kg 80.000 kg
21,1 x 3 m 60.000 kg 80.000 kg

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