Modular truck scale for installation underfloor

  • Particularly easy maintenance and cleaning due to deep foundation and two access openings each on the scale bridge
  • Continuous weighbridge and closed foundation trough made of precast concrete parts in C45/55 (exception: for bridge length 20 m, precast foundation consists of two parts – crosswise divided)
  • With stainless steel pressure load cells (IP 68 protection), according to CE directives and OIML recommendations
  • Verifiable according to PTB, accuracy class III, as well as OIML recommendations
  • Long service life and cost-effective assembly due to the use of high-quality precast concrete parts, design according to new DIN 1045
  • Design according to DIN 8119, scale bridge class 60
  • Waterproof design
  • For use in all industrial and commercial sectors, waste and recycling plants, construction stone-earth industry.

Technical data

Bridge size

                          Length x width                         

        Installation depth           

     Weighing ranges     


     Digit steps     



     Load cells     

12 x 3 m 1,32 m 50.000 20 4
18 x 3 m
20 x 3 m
  • Other bridge sizes, increased load capacity are also available upon request
  • Optional design according to WHG
  • Other weighing ranges and digit increments also available, e.g., dual-range scales with digit increments from 10 kg to weighing range 30,000 kg, with 20 kg digit increments beyond that.

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