Build date: 28.05.2020

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The development of both variants runs in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. To distinguish the respective variant, a marking was introduced at the end of each novelty:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

0000074: New Report Designer [+/L]
Version 19.04 has been replaced by version 20.02. Special innovations are PDF 256-bit AES encryption, separation of print/export dialogs, support of XLSx shapes/lines, possibility of direct export to popular cloud applications (e.g. Google Drive).
0000068: Reportdesigner is allowed to create directories [+/L].
The possibility to print directly with the Reportdesigner via command line is now also allowed to create directory structures.
0000061/0000073: New free fields considered [+/L].
The extension of free fields implemented in the previous version is now also taken into account by all tables or procedures involved (Rechnungslposstorno_, ProWBKopiereLS, ProWBErzeugeVB).
Orders with additional data from customers and material master.
It is now possible to create a definition within the additional tables for customer & material, which will be offered as selection within an order. The following applies: payer in order customer / material in order item material.
0000048: temporary bypass to call despite reached number of licenses [+/L].
Using your own command line, it is now possible to temporarily bypass the assigned number of licenses/workstations. More details are described in INI-Parameter.chm.
0000049: Order position > Mouse click led to deletion of entries [+].
If, while editing an order item, a mouse click was made in a free area below the table of order items, the entry that currently had the focus was deleted.
0000050: “Last capture” included in filter [+/L].
The date of the “last entry” can now be comprehensively displayed or filtered in the customer and vehicle table.
0000055/0000077: Input for manual booking extended [+/L].
The table of cash entries has been extended with the possibility of entering revenue account and tax type. In parallel, the financial accounting date / date of transfer to higher-level financial accounting system is shown. The entries are only possible with the manual booking function.
0000056: Order > Extend selection for units [+/L].
All available units of measure are provided for selection.
0000057/0000079: Better performance in customer master [+]
With a high number of entries in the order module, there was very poor performance within the customer table. A related error “QryFahrzeug2Spediteur Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset” was also fixed.
0000062: Partial credit memo / allocation of credit memo number [+/L].
To maintain compliance with GoBD, the creation of credit notes has been revised. Along with this, it is now possible to change a credit note (correction invoice) generated from an invoice. Partial credits are thus possible. The allocation of the credit memo number has also been changed and is only allocated when a credit memo is completed.
0000065: Voucher copy of additional material [+].
If a document was created via the function of the document copy, which contained a delivery item due to the function “Additional material”, then this same item was also taken over/copied. With document creation, the “Additional material” function came into use again, resulting in duplicate/unwanted entry. Now the delivery item existing by function “Additional material” will not be copied/taken over as well.
0000066: Allow negative input for storage location stock [+].
The stock of a storage location could be negative due to posting transactions. Manual entry of a negative stock was never possible, which has now been revised.
0000067: Cancel order with query Yes/No [+].
Before canceling an order, a query is made whether the selected record should really be canceled.
0000069: eANV > Asset selection [+]
The assignment of an attachment to the selected proof within the eANV module was not client-related. All existing plants could be selected.
0000075: Invoice: Update invoice position [+].
With changes of material price, billing value or discount within the tab “Single Invoice” (via “right mouse button” on data record of the delivery item) the data record was updated after confirming the action for delivery item and invoice but not the one of the invoice item (on the left side).
0000076: Invoice dispatch by mail [+]
Automatic e-mailing of invoices can now be done separately from the Print function. The new “Email” function (when activated to the right of “Print”) has the identical behavior as Print (“Selected or All”).
0000078: Invoice > date of change / processor for single invoice [+].
When creating single invoice, the date of change or the processor was not entered without exception.
0000048: temporary bypass to call despite reached number of licenses [+/L].
Using your own command line, it is now possible to temporarily bypass the assigned number of licenses/workstations. More details are described in INI-Parameter.chm.
0000052: Disabling of invoice info now possible again [+].
The responsible parameter “DisplayInvoiceInfo” in used weighing.INI has been revised again.
0000053: Call court list too slow [+/L]
The general performance within the weighing operation has been improved by disabling the reloading of all data to be provided. This is particularly noticeable in the call of the court list.
0000063: Correction of a document with analysis data led to error [+/L].
After calling a document from the document table, which contained analyses in a delivery item, the error “Cursor not open” occurred. This has been fixed.
0000064: poor performance for documents with analysis data [+].
When activating the visibility of analysis data (AnalysisVisible=1), there was very poor performance in document selection with large amounts of data related to delivery item analysis data. This has been fixed.
Changeover to new report designer [+/L]
Revision of all standard statistics

  • on new report designer
  • Page view set to continuous as default
Pfister-AVV-Statistics_VD.qu5 [+]
  • Error in reference plant/material group/material fixed
Pfister-Faktura.qu5 [+/L]
  • Order clause inserted to allocate entire data set
Pfister cash journal.qu5 [+/L]
  • extended by payment type parameter
Changeover to new report designer [+/L]
Revision of all standard reports:

  • for new report designer
  • minor layout adjustments
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