Build date: 01.08.2014

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The development of both variants runs in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. To distinguish the respective variant, a marking was introduced at the end of each novelty:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light
Field setting functionality extended [+/L].
If a lookup group and type “String” is given to a free string, the content can be edited and will be saved as a string. With type “Integer” editing is not possible and the selected value is used by the main key of the lookup group (NSNR).
Search dialog in the master data extended [+/L].
The master data tables for addresses / storage locations / contract areas have now also been given the search dialog (QSD, accessible via “Magnifier” or “F4”).
Order: Autokey for order revised [+]
If already a plant by the default within the field settings, the AUTOKEY order was not considered. Fixed.
Invoice: Invoicing now also by order [+].
When creating collective invoices, it is now also possible to filter by order.
Invoice: Tax rate adjustable for free input. [+]
When entering an invoice item of the type “Free entry”, the tax rate can now be selected / changed. The tax rate stored in the client master is used as default.
Billing: Delivery note data better interpretable [+].
The window for viewing the delivery note header data is now displayed as a non-modal window, so that when another delivery bill is selected, its delivery bill header data is updated in the window. One less orgy of clicks …
Invoice: display update improved [+].
When switching from the “Invoice pos. Edit” to the “Single Invoice” tab within invoicing, any changes to the invoice items were not displayed correctly. Fixed.
Invoice: print sorted invoices [+].
It is now possible to print invoices when the sort order is changed. The function “Mark from here / to here” is supported.
Additional tables with copy / paste function [+].
Data records can now be copied and pasted in the defined additional tables (customer/site/supplier/material).
Better support of Windows screen resolution by DPI [+/L].
The free fields now adapt to the screen DPI of the Windows operating system. This eliminates the need to consider overlapping fields for the most part.
New telegram LADEBELEG to call a captured operation [+].
With the help of this new telegram, a defined document can be called up in the semi-automatic mode for display in the weighing pattern. The position-oriented call is possible.
Keys for document type (document identifier) show the type [L].
The keys in the upper area of the weighing pattern for selecting the document identifier can now only be operated if the “Weighing” tab is active. In the “Open vouchers” tab (yard list), the corresponding voucher identification button for the selected voucher is pressed – i.e. displayed as active.
fixed wrong default for additional tables [+].
When creating new master data records, fields intended for the additional tables were also preset. This caused the error message to appear.
Assign order simplified [+]
The existing button “Assign order” within the document table was, among other things, only active if the document has not yet been printed; this condition has been removed.
Selection for Other customer corrected [+]
The entry of Other customer of an order was only taken over into the weighing mask if this was also activated as customer. Error fixed.
further adjustment for changed DPI setting [+/L].
The Recall and URL keys (top right of the weighing pattern) now adjust to the screen DPI. The same applies to the tabs.
Document creation for transport/remuneration corrected [+].
Transport/Remuneration tab: When creating the documents, some parameters were not or incorrectly transferred to the respective procedure. Error fixed.
Print” button within the document table now also accessible with scripting [+].
New situations 35/36 for call before/after print in the “Documents” tab.
Additions can now also be used in the weighing pattern [+].
Editing the additions (customer, site, delivery location and material) is now also possible in weighing. A copy/paste of additions is taken into account. Responsible for enabling the function is a parameter in used Weigh.INI.
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