Build date: 17.07.2015

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The development of both variants runs in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. To distinguish the respective variant, a marking was introduced at the end of each novelty:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

Language ROMANIAN in master data revised [+/L].
The still missing translations for Romanian language within the master data have been included as far as possible.
This table is used to extend the known customer budgeting with the possibility to arrange budgeting per customer also according to one or more storage locations.
New button “Open path” per customer [+/L].
A new button within the customer master allows to open or create a directory. The directory structure is: Installation path from WinWeigh (system parameters)\CUSTOMER\\
New button “Open path” per offer/order [+].
A new button within the Order Management module allows to open or create a directory. The directory structure is as follows: Installation path from WinWeigh (system parameters)\ORDER\\\
E-mail function within offers/orders standardized [+].
By clicking on e-mail, the stored e-mails from the contacts of the master data assigned in the order (address-oriented) are used, so that the e-mail dispatch now works in the same way as in the documents or invoices.
Extension of the form Customer – Budget [+]
The new table for storage location budgeting per customer has been included within the Budget Customers module. Any number of storage locations can be defined per period. The possibility of automated assignment of values – related to selected cells is possible.
Waste disposal certificates: Contact person was not displayed completely [+]
Under Waste management -> Waste disposal records -> Cover sheet, the contact of the producer from the customer master was only partially displayed. Fixed.
Disposal records: Choice disposal facility via QSD not sound [+].
Under Waste management -> Waste disposal records -> AE-S1 under Pkt. 2.3, only the first disposal facility was ever entered when using the Quick Search Dialog (QSD). Fixed.
Cash book: sequential number only when booking is completed [+/L].
When a manual entry is created, the next position number is already assigned. If the process was aborted, the item number “expired”; gaps were created. The position number is now only saved when the entry is closed.
Revision of the telegrams FIRST MOVEMENT / INPUT [+].
The telegrams FIRST MOVEMENT / START-UP can also be executed with the UPPOSNR. If an order had two order items with identical material, the first order item was always used. Fixed.
Scripting interface now allows direct invocation of actions [+].
It is now possible to set the focus on an action key (e.g. PRINT) by calling a situation via function ValidateResult(). With extension, the triggering of this action is now also enabled.
Scripting interface now also enables input box [+].
The new function “INPUTBOX()” has been added to the scripting. The range of functions depends on known RECALL function (Weigh.INI).
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