Build date: 12.05.2017

Since version there is the program variant Winweigh Light. The development of both variants runs in parallel. Improvements may affect Winweigh Plus only, Winweigh Light only, or both. To distinguish the respective variant, a marking was introduced at the end of each novelty:

[+/L] – concerns both variants
[+] – concerns Winweigh Plus only
[L] – concerns only Winweigh Light

This document describes the differences as of version

Change procedure ProFARechnungAbschliessen [+]
For the small quantity surcharge on cash invoices, the tax calculation was not taken into account.
Procedures for standard import customer & job site revised [+].
If no address shortcut is specified in the import, automatic assignment now takes place according to the defined system parameter “Autokey addresses”.
Procedure ProFACreateCollectiveInvoice revised [+].
If only documents with document type “remuneration” or “bonus” were to be settled during the billing run, no invoice was created for them.
Procedure ProMAUebernehmenAnalysemuster revised [+].
With the use of free fields within the analysis pattern, the transfer of the analysis data to the weighing mode could lead to errors.
New procedure ProExportDATEVFormat [+]
Used to export financial accounting data, according to the interface description DATEVFormat. It is used by FibuExport.exe (call via Invoice).
Modification of the TRIREAFTERUPDATE1 trigger [+].
The trigger executes the entries in table INVOICE LOCKSTORNO_ in case of cancellations. Here the value reference to the delivery note number was not correct.
Report-specific event call for “BeforeEmail” possible again. [+/L]
With the last change within the print templates, the configuration-oriented intervention via the print template used was no longer possible. Furthermore the pipeline properties were extended by DVEMAIL & DVSCHACHT.
Unit “Minutes” is displayed correctly again [+/L].
Due to a wrong interpretation, the unit Min for “minutes” was mistakenly translated as “minimum”.
Extension of client parameters for “e-mail dispatch billing” [+]
mode 4. This acts like mode 3; however, without client-side query of e-mail if not present/backgrounded.
for e-mail dispatch e-mail information from first print template [+/L].
With this agreement, e.g. subject line / e-mail / e-mail text can be specified by means of used print template.
Sending mail now also when using SMTP without authentication [+/L].
If SMTP username & password are empty, then the authentication type is set to None (instead of Default).
Updated library for printing proofs [+].
Due to errors in TerminalServices calls, the component responsible for printing out the certificates and their supplements (EN/VE/AE/DA/BB) has been updated.
Extension of the VESR import [+]
With the harmonization of Zahlungsverkehr Schweiz on the basis of ISO 20022, a new ISR data set was agreed upon, which can now also be imported in the form of an XML document according to camt.054 via the VESR import. The previous variant is retained and can also be used further.
Invoice: Invoice items can be sorted. [+]
With the addition of invoice items or the creation of individual invoices, the desire to sort them was more frequent. This is now ensured for temporary invoices. It remains to be noted that the sorting is essentially based on your used invoice print template. Thus, manual sorting of invoice items is not expected to take effect in a construction site/material-oriented invoice print template. For single invoices you can assume this functionality.
Info: DB changes can be displayed again [+/L].
The error in the query of DB changes under the Info call has been corrected.
Query of addresses for vehicle table corrected [+/L].
Even if not noticed in productive operation, an error in SQL query of addresses the vehicle table has been corrected.
Order: released orders now definitely not changeable [+].
If the Customer or Material field was active, the respective data record could be changed via the DEL key if a new entry was subsequently selected using the list box and then saved.
New asset parameter “FIBU-SS asset consultant number” [+].
This new parameter is used to complete the asset-oriented parameterization of interfaces to higher-level financial accounting. Mainly the consultant number is used for DATEV-oriented FiBu exports – so also for new DATEV-FORMAT interface.
Extension of the FiBu export [+].
With this version the FiBu interface DATEV format is available (according to interface development guide for the DATEV format / version 5.00).
Revision of Pfister capture journal.qu5 [+/L]
“PT” becomes “H” / change of Tahoma font to SEGOE UI / cancelled vouchers are displayed better
Revision of Pfister material year statistics.qu5 [+/L]
Only with active material group material could be selected / change font Tahoma to SEGOE UI
Revision of Pfister-Invoice-A4.rtm [+]
Sum for material / freight is no longer printed on single invoice (because of possibility of sorting) / change of font Tahoma to SEGOE UI
Revision of Pfister-Document-A4.rtm [+/L]
“PT” becomes “H” – Nominal, manually edited or manually entered tare is marked with PT. All non-verifiable / manually entered weight entries must be identified on receipts with the identifier “PT” (preset tare) in accordance with the verification regulations. With information sheet of the Bavarian State Office for Weights and Measures of 19.10.2015, manual entries are now to be marked with an H.
Switching Tahoma font to SEGOE UI
Revision of Pfister delivery note-A4-SB.rtm [+]
“PT” becomes “H” / change Tahoma font to SEGOE UI
Revision of Pfister-cash-bill-A4-SB.rtm [+]
“PT” becomes “H” / change Tahoma font to SEGOE UI
Revision of Pfister-Lieferschein-Bon.rtm [+/L]
“PT” becomes “H” / change Tahoma font to SEGOE UI
Revision of Pfister-delivery note-building site sum.rtm [+].
“PT” becomes “H
Revision of Pfister-Laufschein-F50.rtm [+/L]
“PT” becomes “H
Revision of Pfister-Lieferschein.rtm [+/L]
“PT” becomes “H
Revision of Pfister delivery note-F50.rtm [+/L].
“PT” becomes “H
Revision of Pfister-Stellschein-A4.rtm [+]
extended by note / change font Tahoma to SEGOE UI
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