Diade DD 700 Professional digital weighing terminal for platform scales or truck scales

Very accurate and reliable weighing can be performed with the DD700 terminal:

Base – Functions

Individual weighing

manages customer and product data

Function Summation weighing of several weights without unloading the scale

Double weighing

First and second weighing for load determination


Barcode reader via serial interface

external keyboard via USB

to serial scale printer (serial interface)

USB port for:

Creation of print data in CSV format

Software update

Backup and restore data



Counting scale function – fast counting of previously defined articles

Check weight (only for DD700i)

manual weight control

Fast recall of product data

Weighing in agriculture, raw materials and construction industry

weighing the material from a silo or a hopper


up to 4 operators can perform weighing operations simultaneously

The summation is done according to operator code

Technical characteristics of the terminal


Direct: 12 VDC / 3 A

via power supply: L+N+PE 110 – 240 Vac (-15% … +10%) 1,8 A; 50 – 60 Hz; Max. 60 W


Total: up to 2 (one optional) (1 analog, 1 digital, 2 analog in multiplexing)

Analog scale

Load cell connection: up to 12 analog cells with 350 Ohm each per scale (max. 2 scales)

Minimum impedance: 29 ohms per scale

Load cell supply:5 VDC

Internal resolution:1 000 000 dots at 10 wsec.

Digital scale

Load cell connection: one scale with up to 12 digital cells.

Load cell supply: 10 ÷ 15 VDC

Internal resolution: 200,000 dots at 25 wsec.

Environmental properties

Compensated temperature range: from -10 to + 40 °C

Operating range: from -10 to + 40 °C

Max. Humidity: 85% @ 40 °C

Degree of protection IP:Plastic and stainless steel version with connectors IP 20 and front IP 65, stainless steel version with cable glands IP 69K

Display: LCD display 240 x 64 pixels with white LED backlighting