A verifiable / certified software that enables you to control all Pfister weighing technology in verifiable form via the Ethernet network; this is the VWP100 Virtual Weighing Processor.

The VWP can also be configured as CLIENT. Thus, on another PC
the display of the weight indications from the weighing terminals configured at the “VWP-SERVER” is possible.

Applications, which carry out a communication with the VWP100 – as for example weighing data management systems, dispatch automations, control systems or similar. – thus receive the VWP weight displays “on the screen” locally calibratable at their execution location.

The communication of the weighing terminal(s) with the VWP is mainly serial. The VWP is usually activated automatically by including it into the “Autostart” of the Windows operating system. Alternatively, it can also be started manually.

The PROGRAM is modular and available in the following VERSIONS:


DiadeConnect S
  • Read Alibi memory (MPP)
  • Restart terminal (remote)
  • Time synchronization
  • Online update possible
  • Access to log / log files


DiadeConnect M
  • Scope of Small - plus
  • Weight display on PC
  • Operating the slide on the PC (VNC)
  • Calling all scale data
  • Digital load cell info
  • Control of inputs & outputs


DiadeConnect L
  • Scope of medium - plus
  • Delivery note printing (reprint)
  • Evaluation material, blow, customer, supplier, carrier and vehicle
  • Edit master data material, blow, customer, supplier and carrier
  • Weighing via smartphone / tablet (browser-based weighing functionality on the intranet)


Frequently Asked Questions, short FAQ, are a compilation of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers concerning the topic Virtual Weighing Processor VWP100.
In the hope that we can also briefly answer your question here, we have compiled a few points.

Yes; VWP100 is configurable as server/client solution. Server is the VWP100, where the weighing terminals (Devices) are set. A VWP100 as client can access server-functioning VWP100 within the network and display the weighing terminal(s). Weighing functions such as zeroing or taring can be performed on the client, depending on the type of weighing terminal. Access to the verifiable weighing record is only possible on the “Server-VWP”.

Yes; however, the number of connected weighing terminals should be limited to approx. 30 interfaces.

Yes. Please consider the system requirements, which are described in the product information. Special attention must be paid to the connection of the weighing technology via a suitable interface.

Yes. The Virtual Weighing Processor VWP100 is designed for Microsoft Windows® only.