Static combined track-road vehicle scale

Weighing without compromise Static combined track/road vehicle scale Whether truck or railcar – with our combined track/road vehicle scale, you weigh both on just one weighing system.

  • Commercially approved according to accuracy class , complies with PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt) regulations and OIML recommendations as well as UIC and DIN specifications
  • Weighing ranges depending on bridge length. Weighing ranges up to 50 t for the single bridge and up to 500 t for composite bridges (depending on the number of bridges)
  • Load capacity according to UIC 71 load diagram
  • Delivery of high-quality prefabricated concrete parts (concrete quality C45/55) or also on-site construction of an in-situ concrete foundation according to our plans
  • For all common rail profiles and standard track gauges

We offer the system “Ready-mixed concrete parts track-road weighbridge”:

Standard bridge lengths from 4 to 12 m,

in addition, different total bridge lengths can be realized by combining the individual foundations (maximum 4 bridges can be combined)

Standard foundation tray module lengths:

1-part foundation trough up to a length of 14 m

1- or 2-part foundation trough possible from 14 – 16 m length

2- or multi-part foundation trough from length over 16 m

  • Optional: our recommendation for long service life and high durability: to protect the rails and the scale structure: replaceable gap plates for impact-free travel on the track scale.
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