WinWeigh Light

WinWeigh Light – this is the weighing data management system for the practitioner. With its very extensive standard functionalities, it is ideally equipped for your task. WinWeigh Light participates from the project-oriented solutions of its big brother WinWeigh Plus; all innovations / enhancements / features in the Standard range also benefit WinWeigh Light. However, if the scope does not meet the requirements, no problem, the upgrade to WinWeigh Plus is possible at any time.

The scope of WinWeigh Light includes the statistics module “Quaestor” with the following standard:

WinWeigh Light - Standard statistics


Summarization, it specifies to which period documents are to be summarized.
Possible condensations are: none, day, week, month, quarter, year

The PROGRAM is modular and available in the following VERSIONS:


DiadeConnect S
  • Read Alibi memory (MPP)
  • Restart terminal (remote)
  • Time synchronization
  • Online update possible
  • Access to log / log files


DiadeConnect M
  • Scope of Small - plus
  • Weight display on PC
  • Operating the slide on the PC (VNC)
  • Calling all scale data
  • Digital load cell info
  • Control of inputs & outputs


DiadeConnect L
  • Scope of medium - plus
  • Delivery note printing (reprint)
  • Evaluation material, blow, customer, supplier, carrier and vehicle
  • Edit master data material, blow, customer, supplier and carrier
  • Weighing via smartphone / tablet (browser-based weighing functionality on the intranet)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are a compilation of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers on the subject of WinWeigh Light.
In the hope that we can also briefly answer your question here, we have compiled a few points.

Yes. As of version, the function is available. A MicroSD card with USB adapter is used as a security device in accordance with legal requirements.

Yes; but only within a client. The client is predefined with 1.

Yes; within a basic price list, a price – with scale option – can be assigned per material. This is used for cash accounting. Cash invoices are managed in a cash book. Manual entries can be made within the cash book. Several cash registers can be managed per installation. The automatic assignment of cash registers according to the direction of goods is possible.

Yes; WinWeigh’s pressure control allows plant-oriented pressure. Within an attachment, the impression is organized by document identifier. The following document identifiers are available to WinWeigh Light:

  • Delivery bill (normal weighing document)
  • Cash invoice (with cashier dialog)
  • Weighing certificate (e.g. for external weighing)

Several print templates can be defined per document identifier. The setting of pressure conditions allows the situation-related limitation of the pressure. For example: “Print only document “Shipping paper” for material “xyz”.

Yes. Please consider the system requirements. Special attention must be paid to the connection of the weighing technology via a suitable interface.

Yes. With each installation, the commissioning engineer also sets up the data backup. An archive is created for all relevant files (configuration settings, print images, statistics, ..), as well as the backup of the database, which can be saved to an external medium for storage.

No. WinWeigh Light is designed exclusively as a desktop application. Use on multiple workstations (within a network [Server/Client-Architektur]) is reserved exclusively for WinWeigh Plus. In order to observe a server-oriented backup strategy, WinWeigh Light can be installed at the same location and operated as a client in individual cases. However, this remains a single-user solution.

No. The use and handling of material-oriented storage locations – incl. their inventory management – is reserved exclusively for WinWeigh Plus.