Our values - that's what we stand for!

Our actions are determined by various values, which not only we at Pfister Waagen Bilanciai GmbH live by, but which we share with all members within our globally present weighing technology group of Bilanciai international.

We rely on …

  • a positive attitude towards the future with all its exciting challenges.
  • a sustainable approach to people and the environment.
  • a long-term partnership with our suppliers and customers, because we live trust.
  • achieving the best results in system and product solutions as well as services; in doing so, we promote innovative strength in particular.
  • successful communication within all operating departments.
  • following principle: What is good for the company is also good for each individual employee in the long run.
  • the dignity of our employees and partners. Tolerance and fairness play a decisive role in our everyday operations.
  • the promotion and personal development of our team. We support the initiative, commitment, sense of responsibility and individual strengths of each employee.
  • the achievement of our corporate goals.