Windows 10 Update KB5000802 causes a crash

According to the website randrlife, the update with the number KB5000802 causes Windows 10 to crash when a network printer is controlled from an application.

Status: 09.03.2021

After the print job, randrlife said, the affected computers crashed and a blue-screen-of-death (BSOD) appears. The error code given is “APC_INDEX_MISMATCH for win32kfull.sys”. The problem occurs especially with printers made by Kyocera, Ricoh, Zebra, Dymo, but other products are also affected. The only solution to circumvent the problem is to remove the relevant security update. The bleeping computer website shows how to uninstall the update. After my own approach to solving the problem, reinstalling the printer also brought a (short-lived) success.

Status: 15.03.2021

With update KB15001567 Mircrosoft has improved to solve the above problem.

Updates an issue that can cause a blue screen when trying to print with some apps on certain printers.

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