Assembly of our new truck scale type Innovative 2.0 at Eisen- und Stahlhandel Straub GmbH in Lichtenau

Road vehicle scale “DIE INNOVATIVE 2.0” for underfloor installation: For use in all INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, WASTE, RECYCLING, CONSTRUCTION, STONE AND SOIL INDUSTRIES. VEHICLE CARRIAGE completely made of high quality STALH CONCRETE FINISHED PARTS according to DIN 1045-2 Particularly easy MAINTENANCE and CLEANING High-quality CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION C 45/55 incl. Quality protection certificate LONG LIFE, due to […]

Weighing indicator FLYNET50 with touch screen technology

FLYNET 50 is the ideal solution for many industrial applications: Vehicle-related weighing, vehicle weighing with access control For platform or truck scales in industrial environments for control of prepackaged products Manual dosing Counting scale function (fast counting of previously defined articles) Filling monitoring / loading system All weighing processes that require fast and reliable data […]