Pfister DIADEConnect

  • Real time diagnosis
  • Management of your weighing data

Weighing systems are integrated into complex process sequences. DiadeConnect is a software tool for easy management of Pfister scales weighing terminals of the Diade series.

The successful development of the innovative, new DIADEConnect software is based on the competence and many years of experience of Pfister Waagen’s development department.

DIADEConnect not only offers the full range of functions of a sophisticated software application for managing your Diade weighing terminal, but is also a monitoring and diagnostic system due to its architecture.

The PROGRAM is modular and available in the following VERSIONS:


DiadeConnect S
  • Read Alibi memory (MPP)
  • Restart terminal (remote)
  • Time synchronization
  • Online update possible
  • Access to log / log files


DiadeConnect M
  • Scope of Small - plus
  • Weight display on PC
  • Operating the slide on the PC (VNC)
  • Calling all scale data
  • Digital load cell info
  • Control of inputs & outputs


DiadeConnect L
  • Scope of medium - plus
  • Delivery note printing (reprint)
  • Evaluation material, blow, customer, supplier, carrier and vehicle
  • Edit master data material, blow, customer, supplier and carrier
  • Weighing via smartphone / tablet (browser-based weighing functionality on the intranet)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are a collection of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers about DiadeConnect. In the hope that we can also briefly answer your question here, we have compiled a few points.

Yes; DiadeConnect allows you to configure multiple devices by specifying the IP address of each device. The configuration (small or large database / single weighing) is taken into account.

Yes; Currently the languages “GERMAN”, “ENGLISH” and “ITALIAN” are supported. Due to the well thought-out structure, the extension by a new language is possible without program changes.

Yes. Extensive documentation is available for this purpose. If you need help – especially for setting up your slide terminal – contact our service department.

Yes. DiadeConnect is designed for Microsoft Windows® only.