Electronic vouchers

Invoices/Weighing slips by e-mail

In the course of the Tax Simplification Act of 2011, electronic and traditional paper invoices have been treated equally in Germany since July 1, 2011. Thus, with compliance with the legal requirements, it is allowed to send invoices via PDF as an e-mail to the invoice recipient. The following specifications must be observed (short form):

  • Consent of the invoice recipient
  • human readability
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity of origin (signature)

Since WinWeigh version you can send receipts as well as invoices as e-mail. You can store the respective e-mail address(es) for the recipient(s) in the master data. By clicking on the e-mail button, the PDF document is generated and converted into an e-mail – incl. predefinable subject/text lines – packaged. Depending on the parameterization, this process can be fully automated.

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