Change tax rate

As of July 1, 2020, the federal government plans to reduce tax rates. This reduction is planned for half a year. A deferral from 01.01.2021 is therefore to be expected. Within WinWeigh the tax rate is assigned to the materials (sorts/articles/products/..) via own table, so the change of the tax rate within the table “Tax type” would be sufficient to convert all materials afflicted with this tax rate. See the video Change tax rate

The following should be noted when changing the tax rate:
  • As of change of the tax rate its use takes place
  • Previously created documents retain the tax rate valid at your time
  • separate accounting of the tax rate (all documents up to and including 30.06.2020)
  • crediting invoices with receipts of the “old” tax rate keep the “old” tax rate
  • There are no creations of invoices with “old”/previous tax rate to be expected
  • No subsequent entries of documents with dates prior to the changeover are to be expected

Therefore, if a clean start with the new tax rate is not possible (e.g. due to the creation of invoices with service reference before 01.07.2020), it is advisable to create a new tax rate.

In this case, contact your tax advisor with the following areas of focus:
  • Special control key/tax ID?
  • New revenue account for the new tax?
  • New revenue accounts for the materials?

The change / conversion of any material is necessary in this case.

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