WinWeigh Plus Module

eDisposal proof

The electronic waste records procedure (eANV) is a legal requirement that came into force on February 1, 2007 and became mandatory for all participants in the commercial waste cycle as of April 1, 2010. The aim is to handle the entire bureaucratic process in connection with the collection of waste, transport, disposal and all the official documentation required for this electronically. In order to comply with the law and the ordinance on the “simplification of waste law monitoring”, producers and disposers are specifically required to do so.

With the expansion of the WinWeigh Plus currently in use for the electronic processing of waste disposal records with the help of the eANVportal® from Axians eWaste GmbH, a powerful instrument is available for this purpose. In addition to the mere obligation to convert to the new, computer-based system, the amendment also offers producers and disposers the opportunity to optimize the entire handling process and to more closely involve mill producers and transporters. In addition, the significantly reduced administrative effort results in noticeable cost reductions for all parties involved. For users of the eANVportal® system, a PC and an Internet connection are all that is required for access. Producers, carriers or disposers can use the eANVportal® to efficiently, easily and securely handle all processes relating to the collection, transfer, declaration, as well as internal and official record keeping, document posting, etc., whereby the processing of the waste disposal certificate and consignment note forms via eANVformular is also possible without an Internet connection.

Under the Youtube video Processing of hazardous waste describes how it works.