WinWeigh Plus Module

Order management

With the module for order processing, orders / contracts / purchase orders can be entered / processed / handled. Printing via a separate print template or mailing as an embedded PDF document is possible.

Order entry is used for predetermined entry, i.e. all conditions of order processing can be defined in advance. This means that special order-related conditions can be granted. It is also possible to monitor target and actual order quantities on an item-by-item basis.

The entry and maintenance of orders can or will also be required for the recording of weighing processes via ID devices.

Orders are used to
  • to summarize recurring operations at the scale,
  • to record and schedule agreed delivery obligations,
  • to achieve unmanned, automated weighing operation in automatic or semi-automatic mode using ID carriers/badges,
  • as an interface for bidirectional data exchange with higher-level or leading program in the area of merchandise and materials management.
  • Processing of separate price agreement taking into account agreed quantities or time periods,
  • to give information / to indicate restrictions directly at the scales by means of action scales,
  • Agreement on transport or forwarding credits

Detailed view of an order header