WinWeigh Plus Module

WWP Import

WWPImport is a program that can import various raw data into a WinWeigh database. Raw data are e.g.: Files with delimited records, as they can be exported from Excel (*.CSV files) or files with fixed length records or data fields, such as dBase files.
WWPImport was developed under Windows and is a trayicon application. When the program starts, only a tray icon is displayed. Double-clicking on the tray icon opens a diagnostic window. Closing the diagnostic window minimizes the application back to a tray icon. The application can be closed only by opening the context menu of the tray icon and selecting the Close item there.
WWPImport does not run as a utility and is therefore tied to a user’s interactive session.
WWPImport can execute one or more time-controlled, independent data imports, so-called jobs. All the necessary parameters can be set in the WWPImport.ini file.
WWPImport optionally supports customizing using scipting functions. For this purpose, the Microsoft Scripting Host is used, with which Javascript or Visual Basic scripts can be processed. WWPImport defines events that can be reacted to with script functions, for example to programmatically check and adjust data to be imported before the actual processing. This allows the behavior to be further individualized.